New Year Net Worth Update

Well, it’s a new year and I figured I should update my net worth numbers here.  We continue to make good progress on increasing our assets.  Our net worth as of today is $1,314,233.  We’ve been making great returns with the stock market being at it’s all time high and our continued contributions and dividends continue to add to the pile.  With contributions to our various accounts and dividends, we are adding about $100,000 a year to the balance.  That doesn’t include market gains.  I haven’t calculated it all out but I think we’re actually beating my $10K a month increase that we were doing last year.

So, while this is considered the “boring accumulation phase”, it’s still very rewarding.  We’ll just keep doing what we’re doing and watch the numbers fluctuate (but hopefully continue going up).


  • Hi! That looks like you’re making fantastic progress. I’m in a similar situation, though not quite as advanced in portfolio terms. I agree that the ‘boring accumulation’ stage can be rewarding, especially as compounding starts to really add in returns.

  • Hi Jack – I just found and like your site. It looks like we are at a similar stage. I am about 1-2 years behind you in age, net worth and starting a blog. :). My FIRE goal is July 2019 (age 46 for me). Looks like I am targeting a little lower FI number, but we have some extenuating circumstances that play into that somewhat..

    It is interesting how putting these numbers and goals out in the public space (anonymously of course) can help to motivate making the dream a reality. I hope blogging will also make this stage a little less boring. I am working on a year end financial update as well. Just need Mrs. Zero to buy off on what I plan to share (sharing these details makes her nervous).

    Congrats and the progress and blog!

    – Zero.

  • Wow I thought I was doing well but adding at least $10k a month to your accumulation phase is awesome. I too am in the boring accumulation phase although accumulating a little slower than you 🙂

  • jack

    Thanks! We’re really putting a lot of money away these days although we may have to mix up our approach because we are starting to run in to the ROTH income limits. Luckily my company allows for after tax contributions and allows a Roth conversion of those funds once a year. What’s most exciting is how much I’m making in dividends each year. That’s starting to make a difference!