Nearly a $47K Net Worth Increase

Wow!  I haven’t really been paying attention to our net worth and didn’t realize that in just about a month and a half we saw an increase of nearly $47,000.  It’s actually hard to believe how quickly our net worth continues to increase.  It sure is going to be a bit of a shock when we have a massive market crash.

Here’s a graphical view of how our net worth has been increasing since I started keeping records:

As you can imagine, we are very happy with our overall progress.  Yes, we could have saved more.  We’ve been trying very hard to live a rewarding life with some perks, while also making sure we save for our future.  We continue to live on about 42% of our after tax, after investment income.  That basically means we are living on 42% of our take home pay.  We’ve been fortunate to have a pretty high income during our careers so that we were able to save a lot and also enjoy the fruits of our labor.  We’re quickly getting to the point that we could do the “Barista FI” approach where we basically take low paying jobs with less stress and coast until we decide to stop working all together.  Over the last couple weeks, I’ve started to realize the smartest thing we can do is just continue to grind away at our careers until our daughter is well through college so we can make sure she comes out of college with no debt and we have plenty of investments to pay for absurd healthcare rates.  Another wrinkle that is starting to develop is that our daughter wants to be a doctor but is very debt averse (due to her father’s programming).  We’ll be looking for creative ways for her to fund medical school if she indeed does continue on that path as we’ll only have about $100K in her 529 plan.  The reality is that she may not be able to avoid debt to get through medical school.