As the Stock Market Turns – Our Net Worth

It’s been a bit since I last updated our net worth. The January figures over to the right represented how we were doing at the beginning of January 2018. By the end of January or so, we saw our net worth climb to JUST over $1.7M. What an amazing milestone for us. I never imagined we’d actually be able to attain this level by just doing what everyone says we should do: Spend less than we make and save the difference in low cost index funds and things like that.

I’m here to tell you, it WORKS! So, once we hit that awesome milestone we proceeded to see our NW drop. Sometimes that just happens. Nothing to worry about. I’ve actually been rooting for a market pull back so I can get a few purchases in at better prices. I suppose a trade war might give me just the opportunity I’m looking for, although I think it’s pretty idiotic.

As of March 6th, our net worth is $1,669,821. We’ve dropped about $31K from our peak in late January but are actually up overall from the beginning of January with about a $24,000 increase. Works for me!

I’m continuing to dream of retiring early but I find myself thinking, “As long as I can stand it at work, they are paying me an absurd amount of money so I might as well just keep chugging along.” The reality is that I’d like to keep building our net worth so that we can help our child more through school and to get a good start in life. Since we only have one child, we are able to do a lot more for her. She is very interested in medical school so, while we’ve saved just about enough for her to get a bachelor’s degree with no debt, we haven’t even begun to save for her medical school. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel any obligation to help her pay for medical school, but I think it would be a small sacrifice to use some of our income to help her get through it all without amassing a ton of debt. We’ll just have to make sure she feels really grateful so she can help change our diapers and fund an extravagant lifestyle for us when we get really old…… Seems like a fair trade.