Back Up Over $1.7M

Well, with real estate going bonkers in our area and our continued contributions and gains in our investment accounts we’ve finally bumped back over the $1.7M mark. We had previously hit this mark but then the overall stock market dropped and pulled us back down. All in all, I continue to be happy with our progress. I keep thinking, “Just a few more years” before we can retire but I really don’t know how long we have. I want to build a pretty significant buffer to deal with the healthcare unknowns before we hit medicare age so that could delay things for a while.

Here’s a view of the last few years of our net worth. I take a snapshot of the major items that make up our net worth and then also list our actual assets minus liabilities. Don’t bother adding up the blue area to see if it equals the lower green numbers. Since I don’t include everything in the assets area, it always appears a bit short. I assure you all the numbers are correct though….

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