Who Are We?


  • Married couple (17 Years)
  • 46 year old white male
  • 45 year old white female
  • Region: West Coast
  • Education: He: BA, She: BA & BS
  • Employment: He: Information Technology, She: Health Care Administration
  • Family: One 14 year old child
  • Income: $189,000 (combined)
  • No consumer debt (credit cards, car loans, revolving credit etc)
  • Investment accounts: (2) 401K’s, (2) Roth IRA, (1) 529 plan, (1) Taxable acct
  • Real Estate: (2) properties (Primary residence and vacation home)
  • Mortgage: (1) loan for primary residence.  Approx 57% equity


We come from lower middle class families.  Neither of our parents had a lot of money growing up and there were many times through the years that both of our families struggled to pay the bills.  I grew up eating store brands and casseroles, but we never went without.  I don’t believe my parents ever took any government assistance when we were growing up but I’m sure they would have qualified more than a few times.

Coming from this background has always made me much more conservative with my finances.  In my early adult years, while I did have car loans that were reasonable for my income level, I never carried any sort of consumer debt and have never missed a payment.  When I finally went off to college (after years of working and saving), I was able to complete college with less than $5000 in student loans.  I worked on campus and always made sure to live within my means (which meant a lot of cheap Keystone Light or Milwaukee’s Best beer back then).  To this day, I don’t mind the taste of a cheap light beer.


  • Jen

    Look forward to watching your net worth grow!

  • First time visitor, second comment :-). I’m glad I came across your site. We’re the same age, but your nest egg is much larger. I look forward to reading about your progress.

  • D Comanche

    I’m a stand up comedian. Very successful. Behind the screen writer. I love to put my net worth online. How can I do that.

  • Julio Rod

    First time visitor. I’m glad to see people savings for the retirement, as we would not be able to count with social security. I’m 42, don’t have as large of a nest egg as both of you, but I started and maxing out is what I’m doing. I will keep coming back to read more and I also might start my own blog but in Spanish.

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